Landini Globalfarm 90 & 100 4WD (90 & 100HP)

Landini Globalfarm 90 & 100 4WD

The Globalfarm series is necessary if more power and greater versatility is required for multi-purpose tasks. With higher horsepower and consistent reliability, the Globalfarm is a suitable, all-round agriculture tractor capable of handling any difficult assignments in farms and plantations.
Landini Atlantis DT85 Transporter 4WD (85HP)

Landini Atlantis DT85 Transporter 4WD

The core purpose of the Landini Atlantis DT85 Transporter has remained the unchanged since when the first tractor has been invented. Called the 'workhorse' of farms and plantations all over the world, the DT85 delivers performance and versatility in every condition. It is everything you expect from an agriculture tractor and more.
Yanmar EF494T 4WD (49HP)

Yanmar EF494T 4WD

Medium size compact tractor with the power to match tractors above its class, the Yanmar EF494T is pure power unimagined. Strong and reliable heavy duty axles make this tractor a complete utility tractor able to perform demanding all types of agriculture work. The highly efficient Yanmar TNV series engine fitted to the EF494T provides high torque and excellent fuel economy. The durable yet simplistic design allows for fast maintenance and simple operation.
Yanmar EF393T 4WD (39HP)

Yanmar EF393T 4WD

The Yanmar EF393T defines the compact tractor range with its small size and versatile functions. Light weight, highly manoeuvrable and durable, this tractor is suitable for small size farms, golf courses, resorts and landscaping. Plantations utilise Yanmar compact tractors today to compliment mechanisation programs.