Parkins Genuine Spare Parts
Our experienced technicians are always ready at your service as we believe that regular maintenance and services gives you...
  • Better return for your investment
  • Productivity for your estates remains high
  • Longer working life for your tractors
  • Trouble-free operation and lower operating cost of your tractors

Besides providing regular service intervals determined by you, our service contract will provide you :-
  • Experienced technicians to do your repair/replacement jobs
  • Lower labour charge for every service and/or repair call
  • Discounted price for replacement of genuine parts
  • Service record of your fleet of agriculture machinery
  • Free inspection report and recommendation for parts replacement

Our network of spare parts centers ensures that where-ever you are, we will be able to supply spare parts to your agriculture machinery on a timely basis. All branches are linked via online inventory and ordering system to ensure stocks are updated in real-time.

We do not believe in 3rd party dealerships as we must ensure you get genuine parts at the lowest prices in the shortest time possible directly from us.

We are ready to supply consignment spare parts to your location if you have a growing fleet of tractors.

This will reduce time needed for the parts to arrive at your location and therefore productivity of your tractors will remain optimum.

Yanmar Spare Parts
Yanmar Spare Parts

We use only genuine parts to ensure you get the best quality parts for your tractors at a competitive price.

Parkins Overhaul Kit
Parkins Overhaul Kit